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Over 32 million hourly workers remain
disconnected at work.

One person with no technology has very limited capability. But groups of people connected to each other and data, makes the impossible, possible.

A network of people and computers, connected.

The Ultimate Voice Platform

Private and Secure, High-Quality Digital Sound

Everyone Connected

Create a surge of productivity amongst individuals, teams and organizations. Avoice comes available as a download onto your own device or preloaded onto a secure Android mini device. Designed for hourly workers, it may be used 100% hands-free with voice commands. But it also offers the power of a screen which can be used for additional and future apps. The dynamic hub allows admins to add new users, set up permissions and monitor activity.

Next Gen Communicating

Not email. Not text. Not phone. Instantly connect to people and information with voice.

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Hey Avoice

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For the first time, hourly workers can talk to a Digital Assistant (DA) while actively assisting in-store customers. It uses machine learning to get smarter and more accurate over time, creating data-rich QnA. Built with an open AI architecture, our DA enables voice experience extensions of your current systems such as inventory, scheduling, time & attendance, microlearning and more.

Embrace New Trends with Voicegroups

BOPIS - Red Tesla waiting for order 6513
Recognition - Great work today, Maya
Occupancy - Approaching max capacity
Huddle - Listen to Morning Huddle

Change is everything in retail. Within the Avoice hub, admins can easily configure voicegroups, creating teams that can pivot quickly, innovate and execute on new trends.

BOPIS - Red Tesla waiting for order 6513
Recognition - Great work today, Maya
Occupancy - Approaching max capacity
Huddle - Listen to Morning Huddle

Rethink Your Reopen

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Be Connected, Feel Connected

Voice provides a unique opportunity for disparate teams to feel connected.  Every correspondence – safety/weather alerts, Covid updates, messages from the CEO – everything feels more sincere and important when coming from a human voice.

Goodbye Walkie Talkies

2 way radios – walkie talkies – date back 84 years to WW2. Their open channels are easy targets for hackers and pranks and are no longer prudent for business use. Walkie talkies can no longer compete with the lower-cost, higher-value of digital.

Compelling Customer Service

Never lose eye contact with a customer and maximize customer happiness by answering product, pricing, and location questions in real time, on the spot. Even sign customers up for your loyalty program right from your device.

Explosive Productivity

When workers can connect instantly with anyone within your organization, productivity skyrockets. Workers spend less time searching for people and answers and more quality time on customer happiness and engagement.

Safe and Touch-Free

Whether workers are 6 feet or 60 feet apart, they will enjoy the ability to instantly communicate with each other and HQ, ensuring everyone is productive and safe.

Faster On Boarding

Almost two thirds of retail workers have admitted to lying in response to a customer question to cover up their lack of product knowledge. Avoice eliminates this problem, reduces shadowing and makes everyone a product expert from day one.


Our mission is to create an explosion of frictionless productivity within the workplace.

Our team combines 25+ years of WFM + AI expertise. We work in Lake Nona, Orlando, nestled between Med City and the Space Coast.